Roulette Bonus

Roulette Bonus - Casino Offers for Roulette Players

Roulette Bonus Offers: Best Casinos

Not all casinos offer decent bonus offers to roulette players- we list the best casinos below that do.
Here is the key to understanding the bonus information in the casino list below:
€/€/£ Bonus - % | Turnover x (Deposit + Bonus?) | Roulette bets contribution | Effective roulette turnover x | MTR = Max Turnover Requirement in your local currency.

So, for example, bet365 below offers a €/€/£ 150 bonus at a 150% match, with a 20x turnover requirement on the Deposit + Bonus (DB). Roulette bets contribute 20%, so the effective roulette turnover requirement is 100x. 
If you deposited £100, you´d get a £150 bonus (total bankroll £250). Your turnover requirement would be £5000 on slots and £25,000 on roulette. Paddy Power Live Roulette offers perhaps the best wagering requirements (a mere 1x!), but the bonus only goes up to £/€10. You pays your money, you takes your choice....

bet365Paddy Power Live Roulette
€/€/£ 10 -100% |  1x D | 100% (1x).
MTR: n/a/ 10. Play NOW

€/€/£ 150 -150% |  20x DB | 20% (100x).
MTR: 5,000/25,000. Play NOW

€/€/£ 500 -100% |  30x B | 10% (300x).
MTR: 15,000/150,000. Play NOW

120x60Royal Vegas.
€/€/£ 250 -100% |  30x B | 10% (300x).
MTR: 7,500/75,000. Multi Match:1200Play NOW

120x60Spin Palace.
€/€/£ 150 -100% |  40x B | 8% (500x).
MTR: 6,000/75,000. Multi Match:1000Play NOW

120x60Paddy Power.
€/€/£ 100 -100% |  32x DB | 5% (640x)
MTR: 6,400//128,000. Multi Match:200 Play NOW

The Roulette Bonus- A Quick Run Through

Many online casino bonus offers are geared towards slots players. When you read the small print of the terms and conditions, roulette players are often excluded from meeting the wagering requirements (which is the amount of bets that you need to make with the free money before you can cash out any winnings).

We want to play roulette with our bonuses! So we have searched high and low for reputable casinos that have decent roulette bonus offers on their sites. If the casino is roulette friendly, and it plays fair (fast cash-outs, no monkey business), then we list them above.

So why do casinos do this? Why do they make the wagering requirments more onerous for roulette players tha slots players. Well, the fact is, that the house edge on slots is bigger than it is on roulette, so the casinos are more likely to win a slots player´s money off them than a roulette player´s, particularly if he or she is covering a large % of the table, such as with the even money bets. So they are looser with the bonuses.

But that shouldn´t put you off playing roulette versus slots! Remember, you do not need to take the bonus. Just make a request to the casino that you would like to make a deposit with no top up, and leave it at that.